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I used to work for Homefix in Gaithersburg and my first words of advice... DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THEM!

The main sales pitch for Homefix is they give you a huge story about the history of the business. The 2 original owners couldnt afford advertising so they started knocking on doors and offering an "advertisement home" program, where if you allow them to put a sign out front and distribute flyers for 30 days you will receive a "40% discount". But you cant discuss the price with your neighbors and you have to decide while the salesman is in your home because they have "sooo many" other appointments and its first come first serve. It doesnt matter if you sign that night or 6 months from then.. you will get the same deal... in fact, even the "40%" discounted price is inflated and higher than most other companies.

Secondly... they love to sell you on the "all inclusive parts and labor warranty" which is also BS which you can see from the review by Bruce n. they will offer it to you but that doesnt mean they will follow through, and they usually dont!

and someone from homefix can make a review saying that I am a bitter ex-employee, and you know what, you are absolutely right! because they treat their employess just as bad as their customers... in fact I have a friend who did business with them and now refuses to advertise for them like agreed because of how ill he was treated by even the Owner!

Ive stated nothing that isnt true, in fact I could of said a lot more. I worked for them long enough to know how they operate, and if I can keep only one person from being screwed over by these guys then thats enough for me. but if you were smart you would shop around and find a better company because believe me there are plenty out there.

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HomeFix Corporation of Gaithersburg is not the same company as HomeFix Corporation (Fairfax and Baltimore locations), nor are they affiliated in any way.

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