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i am extremely happy with the work done by them on my home.i will definitely recommend them as they are recommended to me by a number of neighbors.

i have seen their signs all over my neighborhood and that of my mothers and i am glad to see that. i would usually not put something on a website as un reputable as this one, it is obviously just trying to smear people to get ad hits, however i feel i must combat the other obviously false stuff on here, the office i worked with was in Virginia and this website has their home office listed in singapore, pretty fishy to me. However if you ever want to see some real work done i give my permission to call the office and ask for the Smith house in Annandale. Thank you.

If there was a website called pleased consumer i would be on it.

I am also on their Facebook page.

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I must say that you have always been on top of defending complaint after complaint.My only question is "Why have there always been so many more complaints rather than praise from those that have done business with your company"?

Aren't you tired of defending your sham of a company.To all that read this.....there is no such thing as "an advertisement home" Don't any of you believe what they tell you.

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