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Show to door about 5 to 6 pm 12/3/15 only way to get contact info was to make tentative appt promised to call 12/4/15 # 8am should they show without calling then I know I was right to cancel @ 8pm 12/3/15 I did say I had no intention of entertaining a 2 hr indoctrination he assured 45 min. HOPE THEY CHECK THERE MESSAGES gotta wonder why a Company in business 25yrs is canvassing a townhouse... Read more

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This is a review of their Sales tactics/ James Taylor who is supposedly a Regional Sales director who has a gmail acct instead of a company email. I was approached by two guys who promised me a 45 minute estimate appointment which will be valid for 1yr. What I got was an appointment that lasted for 3hrs with James Taylor telling me that I am not as smart as some of his high-class clients and... Read more

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They came out to give us a quote,the vice pres. Of the company and we made a deal for Windows siding and a roof and gutters with gutter guard ! They took forever to get started but we still added to our order with new doors also. The crews where very nice and did a decent job there were a few problems but we got through it all until the gutter job!!! They hung the gutters the way the old ones... Read more

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They are scammers, sold us Accu-Weld windows in Aug. 2008 all have failed and Homefix won't honor the warranty since Accu-Weld/Haddon are out of business. Accu-Weld file for bankruptcy in Feb. 2008, why was Homefix selling windows from a company already in bankruptcy? I have written to the company and they answered my letter but didn't answer my questions. They just said the economy has been... Read more

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salesman turns up, starts off being very pushy with suggesting we need all windows in the house replaced, makes a big spiel about how great the company is etc and then offers a price on the back of a folded piece of paper - what a joke. we were lulled by the competitive quote, but then the ultimate test - whether they can manage permitting in our area came up - and they claimed no permits were... Read more

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i had hail damage to my vinyl siding and roof. Insurance gave legit claim. Homefix had their roofers come out and that was a great install, but the siding /gutters and downs and the half way plates that needed replacing between the two stories were horrible. Old siding was replaced first BUT not the gutters. When they finished the gutter and downs people showed up.....The new siding was NEVER... Read more

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I had all the windows in my house replaced (11), with in 6 months my front bay window seal must of failed, the window is cloudy between the glass and the so called UV protection is false. My wood window sill is now cracked and faded. I checked the rest of the windows and there are 4+ more that are the same. Since this time they closed the New Jersey office and no one from the other offices... Read more

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Signed contract with Home Fix Corporation on 02/28/2014 for roof replacement and gave $2915 deposit via debit card. The contract stated that the work was to commence within 6-8 weeks of signing contract. Six weeks later, I had not heard from company, so I began calling to find out status and was told after each time after five calls that I would be contacted right away. When I was finally able... Read more

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Maryland Case, ALL OF THESE COMPANIES ARE THE SAME! pull up all companies and look at the owners, look at all the law suits against them. Look at how many times they have changed names, look at how they continually relocate and change "resident agents". They are ALL THE SAME COMPANY, THEY ARE ALL SCAMMERS AND *** ARTISTS!!! If they hadnt been able to change their names so often, the... Read more

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THese companies are all owned by the same scam/conartist. I year ago I got duped by them, the man stalked me, a year later, they oddly show up at my door last night again. They told me they were not the same company. I was told they were not the same company last year. Well, guess what, fool me once, whoa is me, fool me twice, not gonna happen!!!Well, if you pull up Maryland Case Search website,... Read more

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